A rhododendron: the undisputed classic among plants

The rhododendron or rhodo, as connoisseurs call it, is a classic, just like Thea Beckman's Crusade in Jeans, Britney's Baby One More Time and the IGLO captain's Fish Sticks. Remember? Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong ... Then you scream at the top of your lungs: West Virginia! The link? Far-fetched perhaps - literally across the Pacific Ocean - but the rhododendron also appears on the state flag of West Virginia. Unlimited nostalgia. But where can we find that little happy moment then? Wait for it ...

The Classics

From unbreakable cellphones to a Flemish primal classic

Classics are memories and milestones that stick in the collective memory. For those in their forties, the Nokia 3410 may still sound familiar and the television series Friends, which had its finale in 2004, may be the best comedy series ever made, along with Fawlty Towers, that is.

Ok, opinions on this are divided. Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas ... But maybe you agree with the Radio 1 listener's choice? In 2022 they proclaimed 'Les Yeux de ma mère' by Arno as the greatest classic of all time in the Classics 1000.

Rhododendron: a classic in the garden and in any interior

A slight nostalgic feeling, it happens to all of us sometimes. And if there is one plant that can go through life as a classic, it is the rhododendron. It is considered in part a natural heritage and has "relatives" all over the world. The white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple rhodos may remind you of grandma and grandpa's lush garden, but you can also enjoy this beautiful classic for hours in more modern gardens, city gardens, on the patio and in your home. A little happy moment that lasts on and on ...

Where does it come from?

The main concentration with the most different species can be found - if Wikipedia is to be believed - in the Chinese part of the Himalayas, Nepal and somewhere in the mountains of Indochina, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. In our area, you'll find mostly feral species such as the "Pontic rhododendron”. But before you shine up your boots and head into the woods, check out My Goodness' range of rhododendrons. Who knows, you might not have to scour that pesky forest with its muddy paths for rhodos in the wild.

A companion for life

A rhododendron can last a lifetime. If that is not the best proof that the plant is rightly called a classic? More than that, your rhodo can become an attraction just like that. Behold the beautiful specimen called 'Lady Cynthia,' a 125-year-old rhododendron that is turning many heads in Canada and has even become a tourist attraction.

A companion for life and that over all seasons. Because even though it blooms for a limited period - from April to June - it also brings life to the scene during the winter, albeit in the form of evergreens.

A little happy moment, thanks to the rhododendron

Putting a smile on your face is what the rhododendron does, thanks to:

  • its versatile character
  • its combinability
  • its color palette
  • its hardiness in winter
  • its beautiful flowering
  • the different varieties
  • ...

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