Pink Spider: making the Azalea hipper than ever!

The Ghent Azalea has been enjoying a major revival in recent years. Where this house plant had somewhat lapsed into obscurity up until a few years ago, this colourful plant is back to being hip and trendy thanks to a number of new variants such as the Azalea Japonica Pink Spider®.


De Pink Spider of Azalea Japonica
Azalea Japonica Pink Spider®

Flemish regional product

For decades, the cradle of the Azalea has been firmly rooted in the Ghent region. In fact, nearly 85% of all Azaleas grown in Europe are grown in East Flanders. In 2010, the Ghent Azalea was even recognised as the first non-edible regional product. For all that, the popularity of this, the greatest pride of the Ghent Floralies was seen to dwindle in recent years. Numerous campaigns were launched to train the spotlight on the humble Azalea, as growers also set out to create variants.


In 2018, the VLAM, the Flemish Agro Marketing Agency even launched a PR campaign in which 17 trendy Ghent cafés and restaurants were decorated with Azaleas. Illustrator Eva Mouton got behind the project and designed postcards, beer mats, etc. all to do with the humble Azalea. In part owing to this project interest in the Ghent Azalea, which is tremendously popular as a Mother’s Day gift in England for instance, was rekindled.


Nieuw leven voor de Gentse Azalea
Ghent Azalea gets attention again

Pink Spider®


Leybaert Plant Nursery, the sustainable horticultural company that grows plants such as the Azalea indica, Rhododendron, Vaccinium corymbosum, Nandina, Helleborus and Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii started out in 2017 growing a brand new variant of the traditional Ghent Azalea: the Azalea Japonica Pink Spider®.


The name Japonica means this is an outdoor plant that will withstand temperatures down to -15°C. The Pink Spider® name in turn is in reference to the flower shape. The flower petals are pointed and pink in colour with a white edge. With a little imagination, the calyxes are reminiscent of a spider.


Based in Moerbeke-Waas, the family-run Leybaert nursery is the exclusive grower of this variant, distributing and transporting the Pink Spider® across all of Europe under the My Goodness brand. The new variant is a hit with the younger generation in particular, but is also highly rated courtesy of its durability. The plant easily lends itself to seeding and early stage cultivation indoors, to be planted out in the garden once it has flowered. A year later, your Pink Spider® will be back to full bloom.


Look after your Pink Spider®

Same as every plant, the Pink Spider® requires some care and maintenance. For one thing, this pink scion from the Azalea family loves a place in the semi-shade, protected against chilly northern and easterly winds. It is also good to spoil the plant with a good dash of rainwater every so often. This azalea is not very keen on tap water, which tends to contain a lot of calcium.



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